1. More produce. Those carrots look yummie

  2. More produce from my allotment :) the tomatoes are delicious.


  3. poor allotment

    I haven’t given my allotment any special attention in the past few weeks, to be honest I’ve been far too busy at work. I am on holiday next week from Tuesday for 6 days and intend on having a right good clear up :) Going to plant out all the runners from the strawberries into one of the 4x4 raised beds, put well rotted manure onto the empty beds and have a good weed and clean up. I really could do with getting a trailer to take all the rubbish to the tip. I have a large marrow, courgettes, carrots, beetroot, tomatoes and some apples to harvest. I am already planning next year in my head- I won’t start scribbling down on paper until the winter months- it gives me something to focus on.


  4. Sneaky taster of what I’m currently working on- a series of illustrations inspired and influenced by my allotment. Keep an eye out for more images.

  5. Allotment in August. Had the first few tomatoes today. Making a lasagne this week with the courgettes and maybe a Thai green curry with the green beans. I have really enjoyed developing the plot. I have been awarded “best allotment in Earby”. Got to go to a horticultural show to receive my shield :) woooooo all that hard work was worth it.

  6. My first bunch of allotment grown flowers. How beautiful are they?

  8. A quick Spanish omelette using the last of my new potatoes from the allotment

  9. Broad beans, green beans and peas all from the allotment yummie. Mum also made a blackberry pie using the last of 2013’s fruit from the freezer

  10. apatchfromscratch:

    Yum cauliflower. I made a cauliflower and pea cheese bake for tea last night. The tomatoes are coming on now :)